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Our website has not had our full attention for the past while and we are presently working on updating the site by removing old and outdated material and insertion of current dated events and news.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this.


Download an updated copy of the Casa By-Laws here:
Casa de Macau Club (Vancouver) BY-LAWS (November 17,2018)




To all Members of Casa de Macau Club (Vancouver): 
Oct. 29, 2023 Notice of General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the next General Meeting of Casa de Macau Club (Vancouver) will be held on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2023 at the Sede beginning at 2:00 p.m

Please confirm your attendance with our Second Vice President, Angela Renfro (604-313-1081 or or with our Secretary, Rowena Tan ( so that sufficient refreshments can be prepared for you.

Also, the Offices of First Vice-President and Treasurer are up for election for the ensuing fiscal year and nominations will be accepted as of this November Meeting.   Elections will be held at our Annual General Meeting in March 2024.   Details to follow.


2.       Encontro 2024 - News from Macau

      Dear Friends and fellow members of CCM,

It is with great joy that I am announcing the Encontro 2024, that will take place at Macau from 30th of November to 6th of December 2024, only made feasible thanks to the generous support of the Macau SAR Government through Macau Foundation. Further information concerning the event program and support to the Casas will be announced in due course.

Com os melhores cumprimentos 

Kind regards,

José Luís de Sales Marques
Presidente do Conselho Permanente
Conselho das Comunidades Macaenses3.     


3.       Cheques to Casa de Macau Club (Vancouver)

      Please be reminded that all cheques to the Casa MUST bear the correct full name of our Casa, viz.:     CASA DE MACAU CLUB (VANCOUVER)

No other name nor variation nor shortened form will be accepted by the Bank.  

Monthly Casual Get-together and Games

(To be determined)

Mahjong normally first and third Friday
Casual Drop-in normally every second and fourth Saturday
some sessions will be specifically designated for music, tombola, etc.